Welcome Reception

Welcome Reception will be held in Frigate “Dom Fernando II e Glória”, on July 6th, from 19:00 to 20:00 (bus will leave at 18:00 from Campus of Caparica, conference site). The Frigate is anchored in the Tagus River, in “Cacilhas/Almada”. Address: Largo Alfredo Dinis, 2800-252 Almada.

You can find here, a documentary about the Frigate “Dom Fernando II e Glória”, presented on a television program dedicated to presenting treasures of Portuguese cultural heritage (unfortunately in Portuguese).


From Lisbon to Welcome Reception (in “Cacilhas”)

There are several options to go from Lisbon to the Welcome Reception by public transport. The ticket can be bought or recharged in the various machines that are in the respective stations (keep the receipt as it might be requested inside the transports). The ticket can be used in the several types of public transport. Do not forget to validate the ticket.

Two options:

  • Take the Lisbon Metro to “Cais do Sodré” and then take the Transtejo Ferry boat  to “Cacilhas”.
  • Take the Fertagus Train to “Pragal” and then take the Metro Transportes do Sul to “Cacilhas”. For this option, at station “Roma-Areeiro”, “Entrecampos”, “Sete Rios”, or “Campolide”, take the Fertagus Train  (*) to “Pragal” station (exit at the first stop after crossing the bridge). After getting off the Fertagus train, go down the stairs. Take Metro Transportes do Sul (this is not the Lisbon Metro), towards “Cacilhas”, and validate your ticket in the reader inside the Metro.

* About Fertagus Train: If you have a recharged ticket, go to one of the Fertagus machines and put the ticket in the reader. Then, choose your desired destination. Then, before you can board the train, validate the ticket in one of the fertagus validation readers available (second step). If you miss one of these two steps, the exit gate at the destination station will be blocked. On the other hand, if the ticket is bought at the cashier’s counter, it still needs to be validated (the second step).

From Costa de Caparica to Welcome Reception (in “Cacilhas”)

In Costa de Caparica take the TST bus 135 or 124 to “Cacilhas”.