Approved Special Sessions

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SS-01 Fractional Signals and Systems
Manuel Ortigueira, António Mendes Lopes

SS-02 Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic in Control Engineering and Robotics Education
Paulo Moura Oliveira, Filomena Soares, José Gonçalves, Antonio Visioli, Ramon Costa-Castelló

SS-03 PID Control: Tuning, Design and Applications
Ramon Vilanova, Orlando Arrieta, Antonio Visioli

SS-04 Geometric and Analytic Methods for Nonlinear Data
Knut Hüper, Fatima Silva Leite

SS-05 Discrete-event based graphical formalisms for control systems
João Paulo Barros, Fernando Pereira, Rogerio Campos-Rebelo

SS-06 Human-Machine Interaction and Industry 5.0
Rui Azevedo Antunes, Jan Haase, Petr Skobelev

SS-07 The importance of sensing and perception in autonomous vehicles
Luis Gomes, José Reinaldo Silva

SS-08 Big-data and Advanced Analytics in Critical Infrastructures’ Applications
Pedro Maló, Nuno Amaro

SS-09 Intelligent systems for industrial applications
José Luis Calvo-Rolle, Matilde Santos Peñas, Eloy Irigoyen Gordo, Pedro Jesús Cabrera Santana, Dragan Simić

SS-10 Vibration Control
R. Barros, M. Braz-César

SS-11 Intelligent Control Techniques Applied to Renewable Energy Systems
J. Enrique Sierra García, Matilde Santos Peñas, Maria Tomas-Rodriguez, Fares M’zoughi, Payam Aboutalebi

SS-12 Control applications in Robotics
José Lima, José Gonçalves, Paulo Costa