Paper presentation

As a hybrid conference, CONTROLO 2022 will have face-to-face and remote participants. In either case, the oral presentation should take 15 minutes (max.) followed by up to 5 minutes Q&A (20 minutes overall).

Face-to-Face presentation

Presentations in PDF or PPT format must be uploaded to the computers available in the rooms before the corresponding session.

The name of the presentation file should be presentationX.Y, where X is the code of the paper and Y is the format. E.g. presentation99.pdf if the paper code is 99 and it is a PDF file.

Remote presentation

We consider the possibility of a hybrid event allowing remote participation only for those participants that are not legally allowed to travel. Since there might be some unexpected Internet problems that jeopardize live presentations, those authors in need to make it remotely are asked to kindly prepare a video presentation in advance. Therefore:

  • authors need to prepare a 15 minutes (max.) video and send it for being presented during the conference.

The video is expected to have slides and voice-over, and if available also other aspects e.g. a demonstrator, etc. It can be generated with Powerpoint, recorded, and saved as MPEG4. The 1st slide presented in the video should include the title of the paper, the authors, and the presenter’s name should be highlighted (e.g. in Bold or underscored). It could also be nice to record the introduction (1st slide) with camera on. Each video will be shown to conference participants, and Q&A with the author(s) will follow. So:

  • authors with recorded presentations MUST attend the session online (via ZOOM platform) and be ready to answer questions.

The name of the video file should be presentationX.Y, where X is the code of your paper and Y is the format. E.g. presentation99.mp4 if your paper code is 99 and it is an MP4 file.

Authors need to send the video using WeTransfer (or other platform with similar functionalities) to no later than July 3, and will receive a confirmation of reception.